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Uganda Court System

Access the structure of the Courts of Judicature of Uganda and an overview of the key processes in the Ugandan Courts. Access the WHO is WHO listing in the Uganda Judiciary.

Read Practice Direction No 1 of 2006 on Jurisdiction of Magistrates' Courts on Land Matters.


Judgments and Court Decisions

Access Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court Judgments and Rulings on Constitutional Interpretations, Elections, Civil Procedure and Practice, Land, Contract, Adoption and Children, Divorce and Domestic Relations, Criminal plus Taxation of Costs.

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Judgments and Court Decisions

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Interesting Judgments - HC, CA, Human Rights

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Case Subject Matter Citation Date

Akena Johnson vs. Attorney General

1). The Right to personal liberty 2). The Right to property

Uganda Human Rights Comm Complaint No. G/05/2003


Uganda DPP vs. Col RTD Dr. Kizza Besigye

The Right to Bail

Constitutional Court Const. Ref. No. 20 of 2005


Attorney General vs. Osotraco Ltd

Injunctions against Government

Court of Appeal Civil Appeal No. 32 of 2002


Brigadier Henry Tumukunde vs. Attorney General and Another

Presidential Immunity lnlight of Criminal or Civil Actions.

Constitutional Court Const. Petit. No. 6 2005


Charles Onyango Obbo and Another vs. Attorney General

The Right to Freedom of speech

Constitutional Court Const. Petit. No. 15 of 1997


Joyce Nakacwa vs. The Attorney General and 2 Others

Limitation period for filling Human Rights petition.

Constitutional Court Const. Petit No. 2 of 2001


Edward Frederick Ssempebwa vs. Attorney General

High Court Constitutional Case No. 1 of 1986


Hon. Lady Justice Julia Sebutinde vs. Attorney General

Taxation of the Judge's salary

Constitutional Court Const. Ref No. 5 of 2005


Suzan Kigula and 3 Others vs. Attorney General

The Legality of the Death penalty.

Constitutional Court Const. Petit. No. 6 of 2003


Uganda Association of Women Lawyers and 5 Others vs. The Attorney General

1.Limitation period within which to challenge provisions of an Act of parliament. 2.Descrimination in light of Grounds of Divorce.

Constitutional Court Const. Petit. No. 2 of 2002



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1995 Constitution

Read the Uganda 1995 Constitution and all its Amendments, Judicial Interpretations, the Prof. Sempebwa CRC Report and Government White Paper.



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