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Uganda Court System

Access the structure of the Courts of Judicature of Uganda and an overview of the key processes in the Ugandan Courts. Access the WHO is WHO listing in the Uganda Judiciary.

Read Practice Direction No 1 of 2006 on Jurisdiction of Magistrates' Courts on Land Matters.


Judgments and Court Decisions

Access Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court Judgments and Rulings on Constitutional Interpretations, Elections, Civil Procedure and Practice, Land, Contract, Adoption and Children, Divorce and Domestic Relations, Criminal plus Taxation of Costs.

Get a free download of Interesting Judgments in Uganda's jurisprudence



Acts of Parliament 
2010 Laws (18)



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Act Number Year
Contracts Act, 201072010
Domestic Violence Act, 201032010
Land (Amendment) Act,201012010
Partnership Act, 201022010
Physical Planning Act 201082010
Political Parties and Organisations(Amendment)Act 201042010
Prohibition of_Female Genital Mulilation_201052010
Whistleblowers Protection Act 201062010
National Youth Council (Amendment) Act92010
National Womens Council (Amendment) Act102010
International Criminal Court Act112010
Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Act122010
Political Parties and Organizations (Amendment) (No. 2) Act132010
Presidential Elections (Amendment) Act142010
Electoral Commission (Amendment) Act152010

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1995 Constitution

Read the Uganda 1995 Constitution and all its Amendments, Judicial Interpretations, the Prof. Sempebwa CRC Report and Government White Paper.



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