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Uganda Court System

Access the structure of the Courts of Judicature of Uganda and an overview of the key processes in the Ugandan Courts. Access the WHO is WHO listing in the Uganda Judiciary.

Read Practice Direction No 1 of 2006 on Jurisdiction of Magistrates' Courts on Land Matters.


Judgments and Court Decisions

Access Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court Judgments and Rulings on Constitutional Interpretations, Elections, Civil Procedure and Practice, Land, Contract, Adoption and Children, Divorce and Domestic Relations, Criminal plus Taxation of Costs.

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Statutory Instruments

2005 Regulations (90)



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Regulation Number Year
The Advocates (Inspection and Approval of Chambers) Regulations, 2005652005
The Amnesty Act (Extension of Expiry Period) (No. 2) Instrument, 2005702005
The Amnesty Act (Extension of Expiry Period) Instrument, 200572005
The Animal Diseases (Quarantine) (Amendment) Rules, 2005382005
The Births and Deaths Registration (Amendment) Regulations, 2005542005
The Business Names Registration (Amendment) Rules, 2005532005
The Communications (Fair Competition) Regulations, 2005242005
The Communications (Postal Service) Regulations, 2005282005
The Communications (Practice and Procedure) Regulations, 2005212005
The Communications (Radio) Regulations, 2005232005
The Communications (Telecommunications and Radio Communications Equipment Type Approval) Regulations, 2005222005
The Companies (Fees) Rules, 2005572005
The Cotton (Amendment) Regulations, 2005392005
The Cotton (Establishment of Zones and Isolated and Segregated Areas) Regulations, 2005402005
The Customary Marriage Registration (Prescription of Forms an Fees) (Amendment) Regulations, 2005522005

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1995 Constitution

Read the Uganda 1995 Constitution and all its Amendments, Judicial Interpretations, the Prof. Sempebwa CRC Report and Government White Paper.



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